Everytime we create an action in the universe the whole universe rearranges itself to match that action. In this universe each one of us is an essential element that can create change for all, for example If a person dies the whole world history is rearranged to match that event. If a child is born, again, the whole world is rearranged to match the birth of that child. He or she could be the next president, prime minister, or doctor etc. that will help change thousands of lives. Whenever someone gets married, again, the universe must rearrange itself to recieve the children of this marriage, who will in turn change the future history of the world. Therefore, an extention of Newton’s law of “ACTION AND REACTION ARE EQUAL” would be “A SMALL ACTION IS NECESSARY FOR THE CREATION OF A LARGE UNIVERSAL REACTION”. The ancient hindu scientists or rishis were fully aware of the laws of action versus universal reaction and with this knowledge, they implemented the scientific methods that were necessary to create controlled reactions in the universe. This is how they reasoned the necessity of rituals…..IF WHENEVER WE CREATE AN ACTION IT AFFECTS THE WHOLE UNIVERSE THEN WHY NOT CREATE CONTROLLED ACTIONS THAT WILL CREATE THE REACTIONS THAT WILL BRING PROSPERITY AND HAPPINESS FOR ALL, THUS ASSURING OUR OWN HAPPINESS. Performing poojas or hindu rituals the methods were developed as follows:

Create a simulated version of the universe in the home and then perform specific actions that will create for us a journey throughout the universe, creating changes as we traverse it.
Prepare our body and soul to become the creator of specific actions that will affect the universe; preparation such as purification, inner cleansing etc., so that our soul and mind becomes a launched space ship, so to speak.

Ask LORD GANESH (REMOVAL OF OBSTACLES) to remove all hindrances or spiritual blocks to this journey into the universe by taking off our spiritual vices such as our qualities of lust, anger, greediness, ego, etc.
Ask GOWRI MATA (MOTHER OF THE UNIVERSE) permission to enter into the universe so that we can create our reactions. Without mother no one can come into this world even the incarnated gods cannot be born in the universe without a woman, (like Jesus Christ, Krishna, and others) its only through the woman that all reality comes into the universe, and so the female energy’s permission is greatly needed.

Ask MOTHER EARTH (PRITIVI MATA) permission to leave the earth so that we can proceed into the universe, make our request from the specific karmic forces or deity and then return back to earth.
Cross the SEVEN OCEANS or SEVEN ATMOSPHERES OF THE EARTH (KALASH, GANGA, VARUNA DEVTA PUJA) so that to get to the outer universe where LAKSHMI (the MOON and SUN) is located. The seven oceans match equally the seven layers of clouds or atmosphere around the earth and this must be crossed before our spiritual space ship can enter the universe.

Now that the MOON and the SUN are reached, the LAKSHMI POOJA can be performed, asking the GODDESS OF PROSPERITY to bring some success and happiness into your life thus creating some changes in the world that will match your request. With the light of LAXMI we also must be granted enlightment from Saraswaty and solidity from Durga.

Having been granted wealth and prosperity, now you will have to request daily control of your life from the movements of the NINE PLANETS (THE NAV GRAHA DEVTAS). So NAV GRAHA POOJA is performed to each GRAHA requesting that you receive positive rays of light from each one of them, making sure that you understand that some of these GRAHAS are enemies to each other, and the POOJA is performed with proper knowledge.

Having recieved permission from MOTHER EARTH, removed the obstacles by GANESH, obtained permission from GOWRI, crossed the SEVEN OCEANS, requested the blessings of LAXMI for more light, and visited each planet in the SOLAR SYSTEM, we are now ready to ascend to (a) MOUNT KALASH (after Pluto) to perform complete puja and requests to LORD SHIVA or the GODDESS DURGA for fullfilment of our desires to change the world and rearrange the universe to suit our purpose. LORD SHIVA is known as the LORD OF TIME and DURGA, THE GODDESS OF PROCREATION OF THE WORLD.
YOU MAY STOP HERE FOR LORD SHIVA & DO HAVAN TO COMPETE THE PUJA OR IF YOU HAVE DECIDED TO DO A DURGA PUJA THEN THE FOLLOWING STEPS BELOW SHOULD BE FOLLOWED (b) After going to Lord Shiva, Lord Bramha made the request for Lord Shiva to get married (see SHIVAPURAN). Using all puja samagree in a Pan leaf these steps are done for Durga Puja:

Inviting the 1st female half Lord Shiva – Sati, also known as BRAMHA CHARINI
Inviting the 2nd female half of Lord Shiva – Parbaty, also known as SHALPUTRI
Inviting the 3rd female half of Lord Shiva – Gowri, also known as CHANGRAGANTA
Inviting the 4th female half of Lord Shiva – Rudrani, also known as KUSHMANDI
Inviting the 5th female half of Lord Shiva – Rati, also known as SKANDAMATA
Inviting the 6th female half of Lord Shiva – Kali, also known as KATYANI
Inviting the 7th female half of Lord Shiva – Rohini, also known as GANGA
Inviting the 8th female half of Lord Shiva – Shakti, also known as MAHAGAURI
Inviting the 9th female half of Lord Shiva – Indrani, also known as SIDDIDATRI
Bringing al the 9 forms into the form of Nav-Durga
Ritual to the procreative energy of the universe called Durga
Marrying Durga to Lord Shiva
Releasing of the egg – Cutting of the nutmeg
Protecting & growing of the egg – Hirany Garbha
Breaking of the egg – Birth from the mother
Cutting of the banana flower – A symbol creation for children
Blessing the child with worldly prosperity
Marrying Durga to Lord Shiva
Ritual to install the flag of the Deity
Contemplation on Nav-Durga – The Slokas
Havan or Fire Ritual to conclude puja
Closing Prayers before Artie

As you can see THE HINDUS DO NOT DO MAGIC IN THEIR RITUALS. In fact they are very SCIENTIFIC in their methods for changing the Universe. If a proper and knowledgable person does the Puja, then if the above procedures are followed then the Puja is sure to become successfull. IF LAXMI PUJA IS PERFORMED BEFORE GANESH POOJA THEN THE PROCESS IS UPSIDE DOWN. IF THE NAV-GRAHA PUJA IS PERFORMED FIRST THEN THE PROCESS IS BACKWARD. EVERY PUJA MUST FOLLOW A SET PROCEDURE…AND THERE CAN ONLY BE ONE WAY TO GO INTO THE UNIVERSE.

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