Holy Messages: How Can I See God?

How Can I See God?

Late one Fall evening, just after the Deepavali celebrations in 2003, a middle-aged gentleman by the name of Bali walked in to the Hindu Learning Center in Toronto. He waited patiently until his turn came to see Swami-ji and as he walked into the inner sanctum where the Swami holds private meetings with those who come to seek, he bowed his head slightly and sat down. The first words that came out of his mouth were, “Swami-ji, I am so tired. For years I am searching for God and I still have not been able to see Him. I traveled to many sacred sites and prayed with great devotion. I met the Dalai Lama. I received the Dharshan of Sai Baba. But I am still not able to see God.” Continue reading

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Holy Messages: Questions and Answers About God

Question and Answer Series

Who is God?
God is the manifest and unmanifest universe. We are each made in the likeness of God.
Can you prove that God exist?
One cannot perceive God unless they exist. Since God is the manifest and unmanifest universe, then He exists in the form of air, water, earth, fire, space and all the 108 elements that make up the universe. Continue reading

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Holy Messages: The Power of the Number 9


Identity of the Number Nine (9). Nine (9) is the highest digit in the numbering system. Mathematically, any multiples of nine will be equal to nine when reduced to a single digit. The essence of nine lies in its own mystery in that it indicates that this is the limit of the universe. Once this limit is reached, however, the nine (9) spills over into the zero (0) to become what it was before. Thus, like the electromagnetic waves that end one cycle only to immediately begin a new one, the nine begins again as a zero once it attains the limit of the universe. Note as well that any number when added to nine will give the original number. For example the number 23 when added to 9 will result in the sum of 32. The first number 23 reduced to a single digit is (2 + 3 = 5) and the resultant number 32 is (3 + 2 = 5) as well. Continue reading

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