Ever notice that Hindus, who hate Muslims, usually end up with a Muslim son- or daughter-in-law? The same is true for Muslims who hate Hindus or whites who hates blacks. Observational experience has shown that families will end up with other families with whom hatred exists between parents or members of those families. History has shown that British people, who hate people of other nations, usually end up with grandsons and granddaughters from those very nations. Take for example the hatred by Muslims of the Americans; they created the karma for Ann Halabi making her Queen Noor of Jordan and Americans becoming the friends of Israel.
The impact of slavery had a profound effect on what social scientists today refer to as the “browning of America.” Whites who hated Africans, eventually making them slaves, ended up having to share their sons, daughters and country with the very blacks that they hated. Hatred is the key word. The Universe reacts to hatred and returns the Karma accordingly.
God orchestrates your life situation and places you in a position to face that hate so that you will be able to understand it and enable yourself to deal with it in a positive way. All religions teach love. When you love, you are acting in concert with the Universe and you will not have to go through the hard learning process to convert your hate into love. You do not have to suffer because of your dislike for things or people.
If Hindus love and accept Muslims or Christians, then there will no need for God to teach them and so this unquestionable acceptance automatically relieves you of the karma. This is why Hinduism is a non-violent religion; it encompasses all people as parts of God. If Muslims, who hate other people because of religion, try to love and understand them, then the Muslims will not have to worry later about dealing with that result of one of their children falling in love and marrying into that other family.
If the daughter, who hates her alcoholic father, tries to understand why he is a drunkard and extends her love to him, then she will not have to be forced to accept a husband, who will turn out to be a drunkard later in order to teach her acceptance. As you can see, this Love-Hate Karma affects each and every one of us in all aspects of life. Finding happiness is so easy. All you have to do is love and accept everyone in your life, and automatically, you will not have to go through the negative consequences and be tested on that particular quality of life.
Karma, in a way, is like heredity. If your parents hated something or some person, you will hate that thing or person as well. For example, when there are feuds between two families, the children of each would fall in love with each other, and then the parents are placed in a position to decide according to their own karma.
In my own experience as a swami, I have noticed that when a person creates conflict with their boss and leaves a job, later they have a hard time finding a good job, until he comes to some resolve with that lesson that haunts him from that previous employment.

The universe may deal you a hand which contains pain and suffering. This cannot be changed because this is the reward for your own actions earlier in this lifetime or in some previous lifetime. But the choice or free will lay not in making that pain and suffering go away. That is a debt that you have incurred and therefore must repay. The Sanskrit word ‘bandham’ means ‘bondage’. Each one of us is in bondage because of our own actions. But the choice or free will lay in how you deal with that bondage –that pain and suffering. If you accept it as the lesson that the universe wants you to experience and roll with the punches by always seeing the good in the experience, the Devtas (Angels) will be there to help. It is your own outlook and your own actions that serve as the invitation or your refusal to accept their help. Vedic philosophy holds the knowledge to help us understand our individual self. Once this understanding comes through the knowledge, we are then able to make the changes that are necessary to better our lives. This is the essence of the concept of free will within our Karma.



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